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Updated 8/5/16

Thank you for volunteering for the 5th annual Back To School Bonanza! on Saturday, August 27th at West Middle School, 500 Old Perch Rd., Rochester Hills 48309.  Volunteers perform many vital event functions; most importantly they are the "face" of the event. We ask that volunteers...

Prepare Beforehand: Review the website (, especially the attendee map/instructions. Review the provider list and note their program descriptions and locations.  Be prepared to work throughout your shift(s) with breaks as needed. We'll be working with large crowds at times. Remember, we want to serve the physical and emotional needs of kids and parents - let's make them feel welcome!

Dress Appropriately: We will provide a t-shirt and ask that you wear it at all times while on duty, to identify as a volunteer.   Wear neat, clean clothing (shorts are fine) and non-marking shoes (to avoid damaging newly-finished gym floor).  Remember, the most important thing to wear is a smile!

Arrive Promptly: Please arrive Saturday by 9am for morning and all day shifts, and at 11:30am for the afternoon shift. Park in the far back parking lot on the northwest side of the school building. Enter the building through the west door on the north side of the building which will be marked PARTNER/VOLUNTEER ENTRY. Turn left and the VOLUNTEERS room will be on your right.  

Check-In Immediately: Check-in in the volunteer room upon arrival. You will receive your T-shirt, assignment, training and any necessary supplies. When you are finished with your shift, check out in the Volunteer room. If you can't locate Volunteer Manager, Steve Litz, you may contact him at 586-337-7607.

Enjoy Breaks/Lunch: Arrange for breaks with your manager and notify him/her if you need to leave your post during your shift. Buffet lunch service will be provided in the volunteer room.

Stay Flexible: The Volunteer Manager will confirm job assignments and provide training upon your arrival.  Volunteers may be shifted between jobs as conditions change.

Volunteer Assignments

Parking Lot Attendant (parking lot entrance)

  • Keep traffic flowing
  • If asked, send partners/volunteers to back lot, attendees to main lot, media to front lot
  • Provide directions to either north side entrance - partner (west) or attendee/public (east)

Attendee Greeter (public entrance door)

  • welcome attendees and direct them to outdoor line along side of building to await admission 
  • admit attendees at or after their designated arrival time (check registration number)
  • admit unregistered starting at noon  
  • direct attendees to registration line along sides of hallway leading to the main lobby 
  • answer questions and provide directions

Registration area assistants (lobby)

  • send attendees from line to registration tables and pre-registered table, as they clear
  • direct unregistered attendees to tables in lobby to complete/sign registration forms and name tags
  • direct registered attendees to pick up their form, then check/sign registration form and complete name tag at tables
  • direct attendees with completed/reviewed forms to check-in (line forms on left and around the corner, down hallway)

Check-In (lobby, next to cafeteria entrance)

  • review each form for completed information and signature
  • assign a sequential registration number to each form (indicating order of entry 1-600+)
  • direct attendees to cafeteria for healthcare services/info or through cafeteria to gym

Hallway Monitor (hallways)

  • direct attendees to gym, restroom and exit
  • keep attendees in authorized areas only
  • help attendees exit properly - down exit hallway (south) to lobby

Expo Monitor (gym)

  • provide directions and answer questions
  • address any issues, contact the Event Mgr if needed
  • monitor area - pickup litter and replace chair mats
  • monitor use/empty trash and recycling containers
  • check and restock/refill water stations (if provided)

Haircut/Styling Assistant

  • get pre-registered attendees with haircut selected to choose to wait or get free voucher 
  • give discount voucher to non-pre-registered or non-haircut-selected pre-registered kids
  • increment NOW SERVING laptop display, and/or assist with waiting list/line 
  • sign registration form upon receipt of services or free voucher 

Door prize monitor (lobby)

  • maintain and monitor door prize display table
  • pick and display winning numbers
  • answer questions, confirm awards
  • direct attendees to check out

Check Out Assistant (check-out table near exit door)

  • assist with exit survey completion
  • confirm door prize awards
  • collect exit surveys
  • collect registration forms for each child

Partner Check-In/Volunteer Greeter (partner/volunteer entrance)

  • welcome partners/volunteers, direct attendees to public (northeast) entrance
  • answer questions and provide directions
  • check in partners and direct them to their assigned locations (gym or cafeteria)
  • direct volunteers to Volunteer Room, healthcare workers to cafeteria
  • direct (checked-in) attendees to gym, or to exit through lobby - insure that attendees do not leave thru this door

Partner Runner (partner/volunteer entrance)

  • answer partner questions and provide directions
  • take partners to assigned area, if requested

Volunteer Services (Volunteer room)

  • assist Volunteer manager
  • pick-up/receive food, set-up and maintain buffet
  • empty trash and recycling as needed

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