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Event Partner Agreement & Guidelines

Updated 7/13/2016

Acceptance: By completing Event registration, the Partner accepts this Agreement and agrees to abide by its terms and guidelines.

Parties: The parties to this Agreement are the Partner, along with its participating employees, subcontractors and representatives, and KidzKare Inc. (KidzKare), a Michigan 501c(3) corporation. The parties are acting as independent contractors and no terms herein will create a joint venture, employment or partnership.

Agreement: In exchange for the Partner’s payment and/or in-kind donation described in the Event registration (including free items, services or programming provided to Event attendees), as well as the Partner’s promotional assistance, KidzKare will provide services listed on the Registration and the following.

License: The Partner is hereby licensed by KidzKare to offer products, services and programs listed in the Event registration, and to distribute associated marketing materials, as well as to conduct other activities listed, during the event hours within an exhibit/service area assigned by KidzKare. This license is non-exclusive, except where exclusivity is provided in a sponsorship agreement or other written document by KidzKare. 

Furnishings, Equipment and Supplies: KidzKare will provide table(s), chair(s), supplies as requested by the Partner in an approved Event registration.  Modifications by KidzKare may be made before approval.

Staffing & Volunteers: KidzKare or Partner will provide volunteer staffing as described in the Registration. KidzKare will provide official Event t-shirts for Partner’s staff and volunteers, as requested in the Event registration.

Cancellation: The Partner must provide at least 2 weeks prior notice of cancellation in order that KidzKare can make necessary arrangements.

Promotion: KidzKare will list the Partner on the Partner webpage on its Event website, as well as include Partner in publicity and advertising at its discretion.

Compliance: The Partner will conduct its activities professionally and safely, and in accordance with this Agreement.  The Partner will comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. KidzKare reserves the right to revoke the above license to exhibit for non-compliance, without refund.

Product, Service & Programs List: The Partner has provided a complete list of items, products, services, food, information and activities to be offered at their Exhibit. All other items and activities are prohibited.

Check-In: The Partner must check in at the KidzKare participant table, before setting up, to receive location assignment and instructions.

Location Assignment: Final booth/table assignment will be made by KidzKare at the Event. Partner booth preferences, when ordered, will be honored using KidzKAre's best efforts, but final event layout and Partner placement can not be guaranteed. 

Equipment & Materials Drop-Off: The Event does not have hand carts, so the Partner should bring their own transportation equipment. For unloading only, park vehicles on the roadway nearest the Event’s delivery entrance. Do not arrange materials or set-up displays while parked in the loading area. Equipment and materials may not be left blocking aisles and common areas at any time.

Delivery & Set-Up: The Partner agrees to deliver and/or set-up materials and equipment at the time selected on the Event registration.  The Partner may set up for the Event starting 1 hour prior to the start time of the Event, or at the time specified on the Registration.  Do not arrive before set-up times, without special arrangement, since Event set-up will be in progress until then. All Partner preparations should be completed 10 minutes before the start of the Event.

Valuables: The Exhibit Area will be patrolled throughout the day by Event staff but the safety of property brought and left at the Event cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you keep valuables with you at all times. KidzKare and its event partners are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

Tear Down: The Partner must remove all of its property, materials, and trash within 1 hour of the conclusion of the Event. To comply with event permits and for safety and other reasons, NO delivery, set-up or tear-down of equipment or displays will be allowed during Event hours. All materials and trash must be removed or properly disposed, including breakdown of cardboard boxes. Please do not leave any equipment, materials or trash at the Event.

Parking: To facilitate convenient attendee parking, Partners are requested to park their vehicles away from the attendee entrance and in the designated Partner (rear) parking lot, if space is available.

Signage and decoration: The Partner may bring its own signage and sign fastening system to display in its booth space. Backdrops/walls will not be available behind most exhibits. Signs may be attached to tables. All fastening must be done with non-damaging tape and fastening equipment. 

Promotion: The Partner will provide promotion of its participation in the event through all of its marketing, customer and employee communication channels, including newsletters, emails and social media. The Partner grants KidzKare permission to reproduce (print or display) video and images of its participation in the Event and its supplied logos, subject to its logo guidelines but not subject to Partner approval of each logo application.  

Electrical: When ordered, electrical service is available from one 110v outlet. Partner must bring a multi-outlet strip, if multiple devices are used. Total wattage may not exceed 500 watts, so heating/cooling elements are not allowed without special arrangements. Electric cords and outlets may be placed behind your exhibit area to service other booths, and KidzKare may need to access to that location during the event.

Interference: No activity, including sound, will be permitted to intrude upon other exhibits or common areas. Electric, sound and motion from music, video, equipment and other activities must not interfere with other booths or common areas. All Partner items, displays, staff and activity should be remain inside your assigned area.

Hand outs: You may hand out your materials and business cards in your area. No printed material may be handed or placed by the entrances, unless it is part of a pre-arranged agreement or specifically included in a sponsorship. Do not approach or pass out literature to guests at other booths or in common areas away from your area.

Food and Samples: Food service may be provided at designated food service vendor booths only. Only small size food samples may be provided at non-food service booths. All food service and food sample providers must comply with health department regulations, including display of all required permits. Packaged items may be offered if prepared in a licensed facility. Trash and recycling is available at food service areas only, so other Partners are responsible for proper sample container and wrapper disposal and recycling.

Damage: The Partner is responsible for any damage it causes to the grounds, equipment or property of the Event, venue or of other participants.

Indemnification:  The Partner is responsible for insuring their property and activities at the Event. Partner agrees that KidzKare and its vendors/suppliers will not be liable or responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of Partner’s property. Partner will indemnify and hold KidzKare and its vendors/suppliers harmless from and against all claims, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) on account of injury to any person or damage to property, arising in whole or part by any acts or omissions of the Partner.

Cancellation:  KidzKare may cancel the Event due to an Act of God or other significant disrupting occurrence beyond its reasonable control. In the event of cancellation, KidzKare will provide the Partner a partial payment refund, pro-rated to reflect the percentage of all avoidable Event expenses, and both parties will be relieved of any further obligations of this Agreement.

Credit Card Authorization: If credit card payment is elected, the Partner authorizes KidzKare to charge the full invoiced fee, through PayPal, to the credit card account provided by the Partner.

General: This agreement is binding upon the parties, their successors, assigns and representatives. This agreement will be enforced under the laws of the State of Michigan. This is the entire agreement regarding Event exhibition. Any disputes arising out of this Agreement will be resolved through mediation and, if necessary, binding arbitration, conducted in Oakland County, MI in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

Thank You: Thank you for participating in this KidzKare Event. Your compliance with this agreement will help make the Event a benefit for all participants.

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